KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Project title: International cooperation for integration of biodiversity conservation into forest
Project number: 2018-1-CZ01-KA229-048201_1

The project International cooperation for integration of biodiversity conservation into forest management (BFM) will allow students of vocational schools from Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland to prepare interesting information about their national approach to forestry and agriculture through continuous work, monthly online meetings and presentations and visits in other participating school's short international educational activity. Teachers of participating schools will gain important experience with transnational project and many other benefits.

The topic, integration of biodiversity conservation into forest management, is suitable for an international cooperation as each of the represented countries in project has very different approach to forestry management leading to possibility of comparison, mutual learning and thinking outside box ideas for further forest management implementation.

Main objectives:

  • Sharing good practices
  • Language improvement 
  • Improving quality of vocational training
  • Competences with digital technologies
  • Teamwork skills
  • Labour mobility and international recognition skills

Od září 2018 vede naše škola další mezinárodní projekt financovaný z prostředků EU. V rámci tohoto projektu se budou žáci dozvídat odborné informace z oblasti lesnictví v jednotlivých zemích, dále kulturní a sociální aspekty. V neposlední řadě si zlepší své jazykové a komunikační dovednosti, a to zejména týmovou prací. Jedním z hlavních výstupů projektu bude brožura mapující stromové mikrobiotopy v lokalitě Křivoklát – Písky.

Celková finanční dotace činí 47.000 EUR pro všechny zúčastněné školy.

Zúčastněné školy:

Střední lesnická škola Křivoklát 

Czech Republic

SGLŠ Postojna


Zespol Szkol w Tulowicach


Students meetings:

First meeting in Křivoklát/ Czech Republic (June 3 to June 7, 2019)

In the summer of 2019, thirteen Czech students of Písky forestry high school hosted the Erasmus + project, students of other countries were also invited to take part in such event, at the end seven Slovenian students with two teachers and seven Polish students with their teacher came to attend. 

The timeline of the meeting was as follows. During the first day, students from Písky, Křivoklát forest school prepared a welcome program, they showed to rest of participants from Slovenia and Poland beauties of Křivoklát natural heritage area. The main topic students were discussing during second half of a day was “Integration of biodiversity conservation into forest management”. 

During next upcoming days students visited Prague, excursion of harvesters, they had the opportunity to see many Czech traditional attractions such as sandstone rocky area “Český Ráj”, Křivoklát castle built in late 12th of century, or Lány castle which serves as a temporary residence of Czech president. Last day of the meeting was spent on a boat trip on the river Berounka which students finished with a campfire by the river. All student gained a memorisable experience during the stay and all agreed to return one day to Czech Republic. 


Second meeting in Postojna/ Slovenia (September 16 to September 20, 2019)

During the 3rd week in September seven students with two teachers of Křivoklát, Písky forestry high school and seven Polish students with their teacher travelled to SGLŠ Postojna within the project Erasmus +  

Participants have familiarized with local specifics of forest management and nature protection in the Slovenian Alps. Other activities were for instance visit of “Skocjanské caves” and Postojna caves or attendance on short arbitration course. They also learned how the salt is made from ocean water and visited local farm where Lipizzaners are breed.  At the same time, the students learned about Slovenian history in the park of military history, tasted Slovenian cuisine, bathed on the Slovenian coast and got to know important cultural and natural monuments, such as Predjama Castle or Lake Bled.


Third meeting in Tulowice – Poland was cancelled because of the corona virus restrictions

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